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I am an open software engineer, currently employed by Salesforce/Heroku.

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pocorgtfo Mirror

Mirror for International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The Fuck Out

Links for my videos

I finally uploaded these to Youtube instead of only self-hosting them.

I have mirrored these locally here in ogg format:

If you're here because of my connection with the disaster response in Alabama after the April 27th 2014 tornados, check out This blog post.

For some of the audio from our emergency net that day, look here.

Morse Code Podcasts and conversion

If you're looking for my Morse code podcasts and text-to-morse audio converter, They are here.

Atlas Sears/Craftsman Lathe Manual

I scanned and cleaned up these documents for my lathe, and share them here

  • Manual of Lathe Operation and Machinists Tables (Atlas Edition with Sears supplement) (PDF)
  • Manual of Lathe Operation and Machinists Tables (Sears/Craftsman edition) (PDF)
  • Where you can find me


    I've worked in open source software development since 1999. I now work for Salesforce on their Heroku product, doing devops and SRE work. I previously worked for Canonical for 6+ years on the Ubuntu kernel, and for Red Hat for 8 years in a variety of roles including embedded systems development, Level 3 support, and as maintainer for their security packages.

    Before that, I worked in many diverse areas, including air defense, 3D graphics driver development, network drivers, development of internet appliances, and Rock and Roll special effects.

    I'm an Electrical Engineer by education, and an amateur radio operator, and my hobby activities are generally related to electronics, amateur radio, and open source software. My call sign in AI4QR, and I'm mostly active on the air on HF.

    My main radio in the shack is a Flex 6700 Software Defined Radio.

    Selected Projects I've worked on